OWL Services

From bespoke course creation and course conversion to e-learning consultancy, OWL provides a suite of services to enable your transition to e-learning

OWL's Service are Focused on 3 Core Areas

Bespoke course creation

OWL designs and builds your e-learning course and content

Current course conversion

OWL's flexible structure easily adapts to any organisation size and shape

E-learning consultancy

With our vast experience in elearning, we can assist in your transition to elearning programs

Bespoke course creation

Creating e-learning courses and content can be difficult. OWL can build any type of course covering any subject type for you ​

We work with the client to ensure the project meets their training goals

Different levels of interactivity and gamification are built in depending on the client requirements

Elearning courses can vary from the very basic to courses involving interaction, exams/quiz sections, moving imagery, voiceovers, etc


Converting current courses

Your pre-existing training & learning content can be converted into elearning which can then be hosted on the TraineeRecords LMS

Utilising e-learning provides big opportunities to be creative with your current content by providing it through a new medium

OWL works with you to understand your learning goals, and converts your content to maximise its effectiveness


E-Learning consultancy

OWL has worked with many organisations of all sizes to help them move to elearning, generating the time and cost savings that come with it

We understand that each organisation's needs and goals are different, so we work with you to customise your approach and materials - ensuring your switch to elearning and LMS use is smooth and effective


Contact us

To discuss how our TraineeRecords LMS can change your organisations elearning, to try a demo or to discuss pricing, please contact us.