Why eLearning?

The statistics don't lie: eLearning has been shown to have significant advantages over traditional learning methods


E-Learning has been proven to dramatically increase employee engagement and leads to better learning outcomes. E-Learning allows training to take place anytime and anywhere - with the employee able to access courses at a time that suits them best. The cost saving compared to traditional training techniques is huge.

40% - 60% less training time to cover the same material

According to a study by Brandon Hall, e-learning is more efficient than traditional classroom training. People can cover the same material in 40 -60% less time. This finding is supported by IBM who found they could increase the amount of material to be covered in training by almost 5 fold without increasing the training time allowed. They discovered that every dollar invested in elearning resulted in $30 increase in productivity.

Improved retention of training material

According to the Research Institute of America, retention increases by 25% to 60% when participants use elearning. This is understandable when you remember that elearning gives people complete control of the pace of the course and allows them to study at a time that suits their schedule.

Better Oversight, Compliance and access

For management - elearning allows you immediate oversight of your training and compliance programs. ​ Your LMS can highlight who has been trained and who needs to be. Complete records are available at the touch of a button and are updated in realtime as employees complete training. Employees can access their required courses at anytime and anywhere, ensuring their training is always up to date.

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