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Since 2005 when we launched the world's first online HACCP training and software or when we launched our online Lean Six Sigma Training course, OWL has been at the forefront of providing the most innovative training and elearning programs​.

From providing course design and consulting, through to hosting your courses on our industry leading Learning Management System (LMS) software, OWL provides a complete service to upgrade your training programs and engage with your employees.

With elearning shown to reduce training costs and increase employee engagement, the time to make the move is now, and OWL will take you every step of the way.

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OWL's mission

We help you develop and transition to a full elearning program

our services

With our services - we ensure you get the full benefit of an enhanced training platform

innovation to engage

We use innovation to engage employees and enhance their learning experience

How do we do this?

OWL eLearning service and consulting

OWL takes you through the full process, from initial plan and course design, through to roll-out and support beyond

In house courses

OWL provides a huge range of in-house courses that cater to many industries and bespoke requirements.

Bespoke courses and current course conversion

OWL can build bespoke courses according to your requirements or convert your current courses into engaging elearning format

Learning Management System (LMS)

OWL provides the TraineeRecords LMS systems to host and run your elearning program and also gives access to 20,000 third party courses

Learning Management System

eLearning Consultancy

OWL provides a full consulting service to ensure your elearning programs produce results

Bespoke Course Design

OWL works with clients to design and build engaging elearning content customised to client requirements

Current Course Conversion

OWL converts your existing course materials into elearning modules, allowing them to be accessed anytime and anywhere by your employees

A large range of in-house courses

OWL builds it's own courses which are available to our clients across a range of topics

Management Training

OWL provides management courses designed to improve management problem-solving approaches.

LMS System

The TraineeRecords LMS system allows you to host and manage all of your elearning courses and employees

Has your organisation switched to e-learning yet?

Has your organisation switched to e-learning yet?

Research has shown that effectively utilising elearning and LMS can significantly reduce the cost of training your staff and increases the ability of your staff to fulfil their roles

Contact OWL today to discuss how we can assist you to put in place a top quality elearning and LMS culture in your organisation.

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